Take a look at our list of current and recent projects

  • Plano ISD: Yearly maintenance, jack and weld bleachers and inspections
  • Wichita Falls South Side Youth Center: Reparing structure damage and inspection
  • White Deer High School: Installing Intekal Bleachers
  • Midland Christian School: Installing Interkal Bleachers
  • Edgar Boyd Elementary, Fort Worth ISD: Moving bleachers from wall and as well as reattaching
  • Brazosport ISD High School: Replacing damaged motors
  • Katy ISD: Installed non-friction power units and maintenance. Working with Katy ISD for 10 years in the whole district
  • San Marcus Christian Academy: Retrofit and installed new safety railing
  • Duncanville ISD: Repair, jack and weld Hussy Bleachers and a non-friction power unit
  • Shepton High School Plano Texas: Installing Interkal Bleachers and non-friction power unit
  • Victoria High School: Installing Interkal Bleachers and non-friction power unit
  • Brazosport ISD High School: Installed three motors for Universal Bleachers
  • Wichita Falls ISD: Servicing and repairing structure damage on Interkal Bleachers